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I worked in a team of 36 other animators to contribute a 4.5 second piece of animation for the music video "In My Bed" by Rotimi. I was given ten days to fully animate and color my piece, along with collaborating with other animators to figure out transitions and colors. All communication was done remotely, as it was completed during the coronavirus quarantine period. My piece can be seen in my demo reel. 

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I was a part of a team of five artists in the 2019 Twenty-Four Hour Animation Challenge. My role was art director, as I painted all the backgrounds for the film and oversaw character design, along with some animation, editing, and compositing in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. It was an incredibly rewarding and collaborative experience and I couldn't be happier with the end results!

Fall of 2020 was my second time competing in the 24 Hour Animation Challenge. This year, there were definitely far more obstacles in our path besides just having to stay awake for a full day - due to Coronavirus we had to complete our entire film remotely. My team animated our short film on our iPads using only RoughAnimator, and composited in Premiere. Once again I acted as an art director of sorts - I was in charge of all the backgrounds, along with character design and color. This year I also helped play a bigger role in the storyboarding process as well. 

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